Introduction : Open Source Zabbix Job Scheduler(Job Scheduling)

Introduction of Job Arranger for Zabbix

Next goal for all users who acquired integrated system monitoring by Zabbix - light and excellent open source Software - is "Job scheduler".
However, commonly-used commercial job scheduler unexceptionally expensive.

Of course those provide highly extensive function, such as cooperation with configuration management, change management, and cooperation with backup software, and it is operational without programming-knowledge and skill. And even more, comply with ITIL.

Our "Job Arrenger" is designed and developed under concept below.
 ・Make very effective use of Zabbix.
 ・Focus on principal functions of job control & management.


  • It is very lightweight like Zabbix and operates.
  • It is considered as offer by Full Open Source like Zabbix.
  • The correlation of each object has intelligible composition.
  • It is considered as the system which the same concept as a library shares and is easy to reuse with it.
  • It is based on a flow chart intelligible for System Engineer.
  • Use of a variable is enabled like Shell Script and a complicated function can be realized by operating and judging the value of a variable.
  • In order to use effectively with integrated monitoring (Zabbix), It develops by the system added to Zabbix.
  • In order to make it easy to cooperate from other applications, I/F which can operate a Job Scheduler function from the outside is prepared.