JobNet: List of Icons

Icon Appellative Description
Flow (processing line) Define process flow betweeen icons.
Flows include the straight line flow which connects between Icon in a straight line, and the curvilinear flow connected with a curve, and the flow (the processing direction) of processing is set to Icon chosen from first selected Icon as the next.
Moreover, the flow which passes processing to IN flow and the next Icon for the flow to which it sees from Icon and processing is passed from front Icon is called an OUT flow.
In addition, it is necessary to add the attribute of TRUE or FALSE to the OUT flow of Conditional-Branch-Icon.
Job-Icon Define the Job which runs commands and scripts.
One or more jobs are contained in Jobnet.
Conditional-Branch-Icon Define the condition which determines the flow of JobNet.
It branches to which flow of TRUE and FALSE as a result of condition evaluation.
It is necessary to use Conditional-Branch-End-Icon for end of the flow by branch.
Conditional-Branch-End-Icon Define the end of Conditional-Branch-End.
It is necessary to use Conditional-Branch-End-Icon for convergence of the flow by branch.
Parallel-Processing-Icon Define the start and end of parallel-processing.
Two kinds of Icon(s), a start and an end, exist in parallel processing.
Job-Controller-Variable Icon Define the Job-Controller-Variable which is used in subsequent job.
The variable set up by Job-Controller-Variable Icon is applied as all the jobs performed by succession, and an environment variable common to JobNet.
Extended Job-Icon Define the common processing which is used by job controller.
Processing branch by Conditional-Branch-Icon by a return value is possible for an extended job like the usual job.
JobNet-Icon Define the JobNet calld from Job Flow.
Defined JobNet is performed as a part of caller JobNet.
This one will be automatically added, if JobNetID is drag-and-drop from an object tree, and selected JobNetID is automatically set to after dragged Job-Name.
To specify JobNetID that is same as caller JobNetID is not allowed.
Start-Icon Define the start of JobNet.
Only one Start-Icon may be defined in JobNet.
End-Icon Define the end of JobNet.
Although it is possible to define two or more End-Icon in JobNet, End-Icon to which processing is actually performed always needs to be one.
Calculation-Icon Define the formula to numerical operation.
Result is set to specified Job-Controller-Variable.
Loop-Icon Define the node of Loop processing.
Loop Icon allows the loop processing flow.
In addition to the usual IN flow, it is necessary to set up IN flow which shows return of control by a loop, and the OUT flow which shows the start of control by a loop.
Task-Icon Define the JobNet which is executed instantly. Specified JobNet does not cooperate with JobNet of a calling agency, but is started instancy as independent JobNet. In addition, the same JobNet as a calling agency cannot be specified.Moreover, repetition execution by a loop cannot be performed.
Information-Acquisition-Icon Information-Acquisition-Icon is used to retrieve the status value of other Icon.
Processing branch by Conditional-Branch-Icon by a return value is possible for the state (status) of acquired Icon like the usual job.
File-Transfer-Icon Define the information of transmission file.
File-Transfer-Icon manages source host's hostname and filename and target host's hostname and directory name .
If non-ASCII characters are used for file name, it works between same OS only.
ex. Linux => Windows
File-Waiting-Icon Define the filename in which to wait for the file generation
File-Waiting-Icon Icon waits processing until the specified file exists (generated).
In addition, when a file already exists, it does not wait.
Moreover, it is possible only for a file's existence check to perform (no waiting) by processing mode.

Reboot-Icon Define the host and processing mode.
Processing mode has "Force reboot" mode and "Job waiting after reboot" mode.
"Job waiting after reboot" mode allows the specification of waiting time (second) .
Unhold-Icon Define the target Icon that is unhold.
Unhold-Icon cancels the suspension state of specified Icon.
Other JobNet(s) Icon can be specified as target of unhold.

To specify Icon that is not susupend is not allowed.
Agentless-Icon Define the execution command and login information, for SSH connection.
This icon makes a connection using SSH to the specified host, and execute the command.
it is possible to share the SSH session during multiple Agentless-icons by specifying a session ID.
It is not required Job Agent in target host.
Zabbix-Linkage-Icon Define the Zabbix information and the operations.
Get/Change status of host,item and trigger.
Get the latest data of item.