Zabbix Job Scheduler:Development roadmap

Development roadmap

Roadmap and development schedule of Job Arranger for Zabbix,
We are keeping upgrade on Job Arranger and releasing new version every 3-6 months reflecting new requirements from customer. Roadmap and development schedule below are subject to change.
  • November, 2012
    Beta version release
    Public presentation was started on November 30, 2012.
  • December, 2012
    Official release
    It opens to the public on December 28, 2012.
  • December, 2013
    Multi Language (English-language edition) Correspondence
    It opens to the public on December 28, 2012.
    An English-language document is not providing.
  • March, 2013
    Release File-transfer-function.
  • May, 2013
    Supported Zabbix 2.0
  • September, 2013
    The English version Manual (just machine translation version)
  • December, 2013
    File waiting function
  • December, 2013
    Calendar operating-days taking function
  • December, 2013
    Job continuous function at the time of a reboot
  • December, 2013
    Supported Windows 7 for Job Manager
  • July, 2014
    Supported Agentless(ssh protcol).
    Taking information of Item,Trigger and Host. and ITEM, a Trigger On/Off function.
    Suppression of multiple execution of JOBNET
    Cyclic(Interval) registration function of start time in Schedule.
    Supported Zabbix 2.2.
  • December , 2014 : plans
    Specify default account for execute the job. or specify a particular account for execute the job.
    Display the related object lists when object enable/disable .
    Display JobID of executing jobnet.
    Continue the processing of flow when Job Arranger catch the error .
    Job Agent support AIX
    Job Agent support HP-UX
    Job Agent support Windows Server 2012
    Job Server cluster fully support.
    Change the start time of JobNet what the status is Scheduled.
    Pause the JobNet what the status is Scheduled.
    Display the balloon in the job flow details screen.
    Set the reference time (server,local) of Job Manager.
    Zabbix notification enhancements(more easy).
    Specify the virtual date and time when execute JobNet.
    Job Manager does not support Windows XP .
Under the inclusion examination to a plan
  • SCP file transfer.
  • Agentless(telnet).
  • File transfer(telnet)
  • Simultaneous starting deterrence Option
In addition, correspondence which is not included in a schedule in the plan
  • Job Agent support SPARC Solaris.
  • Job Agent support x86 Solaris.
  • Job Agent support Oracle Linux .
  • Job Agent support Windows Server 2012.
  • Taking status function of other JobNet(s)