Job Scheduler for Zabbix:Lists of key functions

Job Manager

Calendar edit function

Function to set up and edit the operating days which run JobNet. job scheduler calendar
  • Multiple callenders are registerable.
  • Complicated setting below are initially registerable.
    - Day-of-the-week
    - Monthly specific Day
    - Month end beginning-of-the-month
  • Operating-days information is loaded from a Text file.
    The operating days created by Excel etc. are loaded via a Text file.
  • All the users share the specified calendar.

Schedule edit function

Function to assign JobNet on callender. job scheduler Schedule
  • Scheduling is done by setting time on callender, then assign JobNet on the callender.
  • Minus time is not allowed.
  • Time bigger than 24:00 is allowed.
  • Complicated schedule is possible by using multi callender + time (OR condition is usable)
  • The combination of AND/OR condition is not supported by the current version.

JobNet Drawing function

Function to draw and edit the Job flow. job scheduler JobNet
  • Create JobNet is done in the same way as a flow chart.
    * Loop processing is supported: Nested Loop is also possible.
    * Parallel processing is supported: Under some restrictions for flow chart design.
  • Edit is possible in ICON form.
  • Variable is suppoted.
  • Delivery of variable data is possible from Job Arranger to Job.
    * Support Stack processing of Variable.
  • Job registration
    * 2 types of execution is suppoeted, direct binary object execution and Scripting.
    * Force stop command is registerable. Kill and similar system call is usable for stop.
  • Register subsequent job execution .
    Register Jobnet execution in Jobnet is allowed.
  • Immidiate Job execution is allowed.
  • Zabbix ITEM's information is usable as Variable.
    The present version has not supported.
  • All the users share specified JobNet.
  • On/Off of ITEM of Zabbix and On/Off of Trigger are also possible.

JobNet operation state Monitoring

Monitoring function for scheduled JobNet runnning state.
  • Display the latest JobNets state, JobNets scheduled near current time.
  • Display failed, warned Jobnets only.
  • Display currently executiong Jobnet only.
  • Show selected Jobnet detail information from Jobnet list.
  • Rerun from failed point of the Jobnet.

External I/F function

Constructive usage of Job Arranger - Cooperation with Zabbix via Action and Command linkage with other applications (ex. Redmine).
Use Zabbix WebAPI for linkage between Job Arranger and Zabbix.
  • Run Jobnet by Job Arranger command
    Job ArrangerCommand ends upon JobNet's registration.
    "JobNet registered Sequence No. is returned in standard output, end status is returned in Exit-Code."
    * Neccesarry parameter for JobNet can be specified in environment-variable.
    * Immidiate JobNet start, scheduled JobNet start both are available.
  • Get JobNet status information from Job Arranger command.
    Get JobNet status information from JobNet registration Sequence No.
  • The communication method of the Job Arranger command
    Between Command and Job Arranger Server, it is communication by TCP/IP (JSON).


  • Recovery script is registerable for error detection.
    * Pass a variety of information to a script via an environment variable.
    * Decide whether pass data to each host's ITEM by the script side, or pass data to a specific host's ITEM.
  • Security authority united with Zabbix
    It unites with Security control of User Group of Zabbix, and Host.
  • The open function used as a common object
    A calendar and JobNet are exhibited and the open function which is common, uses it and raises the recycle ratio of a creation thing is supported.